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 REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)

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PostSubject: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm) Fri Jun 19, 2009 1:19 am Reply with quote   Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:57 am

H! Hello Sir..

This is Jojimie T. Gangis third year BSIT student. I also came from USEP-Tagum Campus.

During the first meeting last Thursday particularly on our subject description which is Managerial Information System, at first I am full of tense not just because I have a lot of new classmates who are not familiar with me but honestly I am full of tense because in my facilitator especially when you told us that you are the most terror. First time ko pa na man to encounter a facilitator like you..huhu..Kulbaa jud ui.. Imagine, you are the president of IT Educator .Wow! Amazing. I was so ashamed especially during the time when I introduced my name. It is not really easy to stand and speak in front of the many people..hehehe and when the class was over, a phrase given by you Sir Gamboa brought into my mind “You should not only be high tech but you should be high touch to God”(correct me if I’m wrong.) , these words encourage me that as a student, you should strive harder to have a better future. It is by GOD Whom we can trust and lean everything and as technology arose, it is so important to give thanks for Him for all the blessings . I also learned about Management that someone needs to be manage that comprises directing, controlling, organizing and planning.

Thanks to you Sir…


please visit my blog http://megsgang050890.blogspot.com

Razz Razz Razz

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:06 am


this is my reflection and learnings on the first day of our class!!

The University Hymn rang and I was on my way to the 5th floor of engineering building where our class room is situated. My consciousness is filled with anxiety and ambiguity
silent . I was panicky coz I heard from our past teacher in Tagum Campus that Dr. Gamboa is a firm instructor Exclamation , letting late comers sing in front of the class, which make me feel so uneasy No . Unfortunately I came late in the class. Mix emotions I think is the aftermath of the impenetrable feeling that I have felt.

I let myself introduced in front of the class and sang my favorite song even though it is very disgraceful Embarassed . We received warm appreciation and big smiles from our fellow new classmates and from our beloved facilitator Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy . I am so blissful knowing that I belong in the “endangered species” of the university. I think it is a great honor and privilege to be one of the chosen few Razz .

As the formal class discussion started, I feel more anxious because I have heard from hearsays that Sir Gamboa is fond of oral recitations and class participation silent . So I let myself feel comfy so that I can concentrate on the topic being discussed Sad . Dr. Gamboa uttered that management implies someone or somebody needs to be managed; he/she or it is not capable of being independent. More to the point, he also stressed out that management comprises of Planning, Directing, Organizing, and Controlling.

Furthermore, people cannot be completely managed because of the fact that we have feelings and we are rational animal which enables us to think and apparently we are not robots. One paradigm he point is that, if the parent will have power over his children’s feelings, the inclination is that their off-spring would try to oppose their decisions.
Also we touched IT or Information Technology which can be represented by an equation IT=HW (Hardware) SW (Software). And also MIS (Management Information System) has its corresponding equation which is MIS= IT PW (Peopleware).

Along the conversation, many queries have been raised and thrown one of which is that “Does Management Information System a correct course description?” a nerve-breaking inquiry which makes my comrades reflect and think about it. Many strive to answer the question but unfortunately no one hits the bull’s eye.

To wrap up the point, I really enjoyed the class discussion because it is filled with jokes Laughing Laughing and cooperation. Albeit we came late and possess mismanagement on our time and attitudes, for that I am so sorry pale pale . I will really try my paramount to come early in class as possible. That’s the lesson I’ve learned.

I'm Florenzie S. Palma BSIT 3
GOD Bless us ALL!!

please visit my blog at http://florenzie-palma.blogspot.com

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Ida Karla Duguran

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:13 am

June 18, 2009, Thursday, was the first meeting in Management Information System (MIS) subject with Sir Gamboa and everyone had fun.
As expected, the subject was extracted, defined, described, and explained. Even leadership was tackled for as we all know it is an important skill in many aspects of our lives that will make as successful especially when it comes to businesses.

Management involves planning, directing, organizing and controlling. Management implies that someone or something has to be managed just like an employee-manager relationship. The manager must lead, motivate, inspire, and encourage the employees. In other words, if we are the employee, allow ourselves not to be controlled but to be guided. On the other hand, if we are the manager, don't dictate, instead, lead and articulate a vision that will inspire others to act that the key is helping people.

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Jovanne Nick Cacayan

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PostSubject: First day REFLECTION/LEARNING   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:20 am


We just had our first meeting on this subject Management Information System (MIS) which is being handled by Dr.RANDY S. GAMBOA last week and its been a hard time for me to adjust on my new environment. It is hard to adjust is a sense that I don't know how to interact and behave regarding on subject matters, especially during class discussions. Sad...ttsssk!!

About the subject facilitator.....

Being a transferee student I don't really have any idea on how our facilitator will handle the class,
except on what the higher years said that Dr. Gamboa was very strict on his
class especially in dealing with the subject requirements. I feel so nervous
every time i remember what he said last orientation few days ago

"ako ang pinaka-terror na prof. sa I.C. Department" huhuhuhu!!!

I'm shaking!... That's why i always keep in mind that this is not the same campus where i used to, this is now USEP-OBRERO Campus wherein I am a stranger in a new environment for learning. So I must have to step-up and do my best in my job as a student.

As our facilitator discussed regarding the subject, I observed that he wants every student to be attentive in every single word that is being said... and most of all... he is eager to hear what his class' opinions are or should i say that he wants us to participate and share our ideas regarding on subject maters. It really helps a lot especially in understanding what does our teacher wants us to learn.

As the discussion starts, Dr. Gamboa defined Management Information System (MIS) and its implication. He defined management as PDOC or Planning, Directing, Organizing, Controlling.
This four steps that defines the management will lead to a proper handling in a certain management. It implies that someone is to be managed meaning each of us has the cabilities to do a certain task independently.

Also, we learned about what leadership is... we people can never be managed because we have our own ideas and feelings but instead we must have a good leader that will provide some direction and guidance for the welfare and development of our society...

Hmmmmmm.... that's all I can remember for now.... tsssssskk....[/strike]
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Sarah Jean Tisara

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PostSubject: First Day Learnings...   Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:37 am

Our first meeting on MIS (Management Information System) was fine..(really??) and as expected, we have to use our critical thinking to answer the critical questions of the one and only, Dr. Randy S. Gamboa..

As usual, Sir RSG started the class on time, at exactly 1:00 pm.. not 1:05 but 1:00.. lol! Sir RSG was our teacher on HRM last year, so i'm quite used to his overflowing research, assignments, and the blog thing (but im not a good blogger). First, sir welcomed the transferees from usep-tagum and asked them to sing one by one, which served as an initiation to all virgins.. cheers .. (welcome to usep-obrero, welcome to hell.) lol!

To start the discussion, sir rsg asked what does MIS stands for and what is management.. Some answered in chorus, "it is the act of managing"..hahahaha..ofcourse. For us to understand more, sir rsg mentioned and explained the 4 keys of management which are planning, directing, organizing and controlling (PDOC). He emphasized that a person can not be managed by another person, but can be led and can be guided. From his statements about this, I realized several things and so far agree with him. He also discussed the components of IS which are software + hardware + peopleware. So from this, a query which confused us was constructed, "Is the subject name Management Information System correct?"... oh my, his deadly questions are here again.. Evil or Very Mad
For now, im a little bit confused but im gonna try to give my points of view on the next post..

I know all of us gonna shed blood on this subject affraid , but i definitely believe that knowledge and new learnings will overflow. We will learn a lot from sir, from each other and of course from our adopted company. I tell you, its not that boring.. What a Face

feel free to visit my blog.. http://ilaykit.blogspot.com/
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Dolorosa G. Mancera

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:26 am

Arrow First day Reflection/Learning:

Last Thursday, June 18, 2009, was our first meeting with Sir Gamboa for our MIS class. Well, first day is not that scary but am so amazed knowing that we are only few in the class. Shocked

I can still recall that Sir Gamboa first discussed is about the definition of our subject Management Information System word by word. Management is facilitating and supervising people. I can still remember the four common activities in management. These are PLANNING, DIRECTING, ORGANIZING, and CONTROLLING. When Sir Gamboa asked us if we need to be managed, majority of us answered yes. And I agree with it because when we say management, it simply tells us that someone has to be managed so therefore you can’t work without being managed. The next two words in MIS which is “Information System”. It is about hardware plus software plus peopleware.study

From that discussion, I have learned a lot. MIS is the heart and soul of the organization. And it holds the information of the organization. So, I’m so excited with this subject because I know this would be a big help for us in the future especially if we will be dealing with the real-world of industry.

Please visit my blog and drop some comments. http://dgmancera.blogspot.com/
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Venus Millena

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PostSubject: First day reflections/Learnings   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:30 am

What can i say about in our first day?

Our first meeting in the subject MIS was good so far. hmmm... We thought we don't have a class for our teacher was not yet in our room it was because of dissimilar schedule, but this small was been fixed easily. what can i say more? let me think!!! scratch hmmm!!! Question aha!!! Idea Idea Idea

We discussed about what the subject about and it components or key areas covers by the word management they were the following: planning, directing, organizing and controlling. The personnel implementing this power is the manager which controlling the people. We have a small deliberation about being controlled or not. He said, that no one can control the person because he has his own initiative on how to accomplish a certain task but we can be directed by. He said do not allow yourselves to be controlled but to be directed by our superior.

The teacher discussed that Management Information System (MIS-I) involves software that helps in decision making, the hardware resourcesof a system, and people management that enable the department to run efficiently. This is what a MIS composed of. All these work as one for it need for it need people to direct and organize the information stored in the electronic storage which are hardware and software devices.

As usual we end our class with bombarded assignments and reminders about the coming of tremendous and dreadful works we have to face in this subject...

geek geek
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Russel John Serrano

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PostSubject: Reflection/Learning   Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:18 am


My comment for the first meeting we have in the subject Management Information System. w3w it was so very coOl and it was fun. . but we can't change the fact that we are still very nervous and slight afraid and we still having some adjustment about the environment of the Campus. . cuz i'm a transferee student in -Tagum Campus- third year IT.

For our first meeting we tackle about what (MIS) Management Information System is. Prof. Randy S. Gamboa is very good and strick Prof. he is kind of a Prof. who love to throw some question time to time when he is having a lecture. If your not listen then you better watch out cuz prof. Gamboa is to throw some question to those student who are not listening well.

well interms of Learnings from the way he deliberate the topic we have. . well his so goOd simple but it has a broad meaning. . . he love to throw some question in order for us to know much better and to know what is wrong and right.

First Prof. Gamboa Discuss Management, What is Management and the 4 keys of Management. Management impliesthat someone or somebody needs to be manage. 4 keys of Management are "Planning, Directing, Organizing, and Controlling" then he discuss about what are the components of IT, IS and MIS.


IT= Hardware(HW) + Software(SW)
IS= IT + Peopleware(PW)
MIS= Hardware(HW) + Software(SW) + Peopleware(PW)

Thank Your SIR. we knew there's a lot more of knowledge we can learn

official blogspot- affraid http://russeljohn1991.blogspot.com/ Razz
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Maria Theresa F. Rulete

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:44 am

Last June 18, 2009, we have met our facilitator in Management Information System for the first time. He is no other than Dr. Randy S. Gamboa. He was my teacher on Analytic Geometry during 1st year 2nd semester and Statistics during 2nd year 1st semester. Even though that I was already under him twice, I am still afraid of him because of the information about him that my brother has shared with me. Our facilitator is very strict on time and on wearing uniform.Suspect

Our schedule on MIS starts at 1:00 pm but I was so early that I arrived on school at 12:30 pm. Dr. Gamboa arrived 10 minutes before 1:00 but he did not start the prayer unless the time on his watch would be exactly 1:00pm. Mad

Our meeting started with a prayer that was led by Ms. Capacillo. After that, our facilitator started the entertainment show for the students that he would facilitate for the first time. Some of those students came from the University of Southeastern Philippines Tagum City Campus. The have presented themselves one by one on front and we have enjoyed the talents that they have showed on that moment. I was amazed on those new comers on Obrero Campus because they have showed no signs of shyness. Neutral Neutral

After those funny moments with the entertainers, our facilitator had started his lessons which I am excited with and afraid at the same time also. He first tackled about the definitions of Management Information System also known as MIS. He had pointed some students to share ideas about MIS to the class. And I was one of those students who he questioned during our discussion. I was afraid that I can’t answer his question but lucky I was on that day that he just gave me a very simple question which is the definition of IT, Information Technology.pale pale

He had questioned us if is it correct to say Management Information System rather than Leadership Information System. Nobody could justify his/her answer so he decided to make it as our 1st assignment. He added other assignments such as IT/IS Leadership Roles, Managerial Roles, joining our group on yahoo, signing up on IC forums, and making a blog. Then we’re dismissed.
bounce Laughing Very Happy lol!

My blog:

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Jovylin O. Sandoval

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PostSubject: my reflection   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:25 am

On the first day of our class in MIS 1(Management of Information System I), we are just few who are there who attend the class, I think we're only about 14... Wink ,but still our discussion was became interesting because of what we have learned a lot of new things from Sir Gamboa.bounce

First, he talked about the M of the MIS which means 'Management'. According to him, Management is all about the PDOC which stands for Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling. And for IS which means 'Information System' that is composed with the Hardware, Software and the Peopleware. Moreover, he added that 'Management' also implies that someone has to be managed by somebody. So therefore, when Sir Gamboa ask a certain question on us, it is not the exact words but it is just like this, "As an IT, do we need to be managed Question ", then for me at first, my answer was "Yes, because aside from what the statement of Sir about the Management, we are still human that are not perfect and that we cannot also work independently Exclamation " . But when Sir told us that if we need to be managed then we're gonna be controlled, so do we want to be controlled?... confused Because of that, I am already confused of what I'm going to answer because I don't want to be controlled also just like a robot No. Suddenly, while we keep on discussing it and my classmates are also shared there ideas, Idea at last Sir Gamboa clarified it and then he said, when you talked about Management in IT/IS it only means that it's just managing the hardware and software but never the peopleware because we should only be guided and led by them. And for that statement, I am already clarified Smile and I am very agree with it especially when Sir Gamboa also thinks that our subject should be named as LMIS (Leadership and Management of Information System) instead of only MIS (Management of Information System) Rolling Eyes which means Leading the peopleware and Managing the hardware and software.

Furthermore, the other thing that I have also learned from that day was that MIS is the heart and the very important but the most critical part of an organization because they have also the power to bring up or to bring down easily the company aside from the CEO or the owner of it because they are the one who hold the very important files of the company, that's why because of that I would be really proud if I'm gonna be with them someday...I really hope so! hehehe bouncelol!

flower Pls visit and comment me at my blog flower
The Dreamer and Believer!
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Shiela Marie P. Nara

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PostSubject: reflections-learnings   Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:43 am


June 18, 2009, the day when we have our first day class in MIS, but sadly, I wasn't able to listen to Dr. Randy Gamboa's introduction regarding this course for I'm stricken with a toothache pale

But, I did try my best to cope up with what our facilitator ha discussed by asking my classmate. From them, I found that we have to post a blog instead of having quizzes, long quiz and exams. I also found out that we have to post blog entries which serves as our first assignment. This comprises our reflection and learning in MIS and the Leadership roles.

That's all I could say. Thank you. Bow. Very Happy
God bless.

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:55 am

On our first meeting in our subject in Management Information System with our Facilitator Dr. Randy S. Gamboa also known as “The Terminator” who had taught us all about MIS and made our first meeting a very funny day. It was the first time we had a proper class on the subject. There were new faces of students on the class they were from University of Southeastern Philippines Tagum Campus. Dr. Randy S. Gamboa welcomed the new students from USEP Tagum and let them to introduced themselves with there talents. I was quite nervous during that day because of being unprepared on the class and also I’m not sure if I’m with myself that day. Then the formal class proceeds through discussing the course description on the Management Information System, our grading systems and rules and regulations on the class. Dr. Gamboa asked the class if idea we can think about MIS. Since, it was my first time to encounter the subject MIS, I really don’t have any idea even on its components and concepts.

you can view my blog http://rs-crezaharu.blogspot.com/
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brian c. namuag

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:04 am

It was warm Thursday on the afternoon of the 18th of June, 2009 when we had our first meeting on MIS. It was introduced by our professor oh sorry I mean “Facilitator”, hehe. According to him he is “gwapo”, and a national president officer of PSITE. He discussed about MIS and how it deals to work. Managing ones system is indeed a hard thing to do. It takes a lot of sweats, efforts, time and controls. This would give an organized pattern of certain documents or work and clean sequence of various things, however hat we think is not as easy to do for the reason that, there are some rules and decisions to establish in managing. High technology is rampant in today’s generation, thus it helps a big impact in making such difficult work like manually done. These days, information resources have developed tremendously especially with the latest technology available. One way to manage them is by having a system that used to be called Management Information Systems (MIS). Nowadays, the terminology of Information Technology (IT) is widely used. IT has developed into a popular and a well paying job. That is why they made to create a system that would guarantee give a necessary focused on decision making. I believe that MIS or Management Information System is the appropriate system in managing data to a system.

Pls visit My Blog: http://brian-takealook.blogspot.com/

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Gabrielle Anne Rae Deseo

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PostSubject: First Day High! Ü   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:07 am

Another school year has started after a 2-week summer vacation. Yes just two weeks for most of us still had our summer classes. Another year of project loads, long sleepless nights, and more eye bags LOL. But still schooling is a lot fun for me. Ok, so much for geeky introductions. LOL

After some introductions about our professor and new classmates, Sir Gamboa introduced what our subject is all about. Our Subject was MIS 1 with the subject description Management Information Systems. In other sources, Management Information Systems (MIS) is defined as the term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives on an organization.

Another meaning I’ve got from the web is this. A management information system (MIS) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization. Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems.

What is PDOC? This is the acronym I’ve got from Sir Gamboa that describes what MIS is. PDOC stands for Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling.

“Planning involves setting long-term goals, short-term objectives, and the strategy to meet both goals and objectives. Directing moves to the level of day-to-day operations, it also involves last-minute changes to an original plan. Organizing addresses the elements of staffing, physical space, equipment and hardware, workflow relationships, and supervisory relationships. Controlling occurs after the organization's process is in place.”
-Charles E. Beck, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
-Gary R. Schornack, University of Colorado at Denver

Now segregating the M and IS to elaborate more of MIS. I’ll take up first the letter M in MIS. Management in all business and human organization activity according to Wikipedia is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. What I’ve learned from our MIS class management means managing obviously (LOL) from the word itself having to manage something or someone. I agree that all of us could be a manager. Managing our money or our belongings for instance is a simple example of managing but never someone. A person could not manage another person definitely because we are individuals and we should be the one to control ourselves guided by our Almighty Father, another thing I should store in my mind which Sir Gamboa told us. God will only guide us on the right path and we are the ones who should take the steps to walk through it. Anyone could be a manager but not everyone could be a leader because it would be hard if everyone will be working as the leader having similar role. It would create catastrophe. LOL
That’s what I’ve understand with the M in MIS. It is now IS’s turn. IS stands for Information Systems. Again from Wiki, Information Systems refers to the specific application software that is used to store data records in a computer system and automates some of the information-processing activities of the organization. To make it easier to understand Sir Gamboa gave us this equation to describe IS:

[IS = IT + PW]
which stands for Information System = Information Technology + People Ware and
[IT = HW + SW]
which stands for Information Technology = Hardware + Software
so we could come up with the equation:
[IS = HW + SW + PW]
which stands for Information System = Hardware + Software + People Ware

This final equation now describes IS or Information System means which is the hardware plus the software and people ware joined together. Easy right?
Now after relaying all I have learned from the first meeting in our MIS 1 class the question our professor left for us is this. Is Management Information System the appropriate description for the subject? How could we say that MIS denotes management of Information System and IS is equal to Hardware + Software + People Ware, when it is mentioned that people cannot be managed?
Sounds confusing? Absolutely! Hmmm.. It is mentioned above that people cannot be controlled and I totally agree but it does not mean that the people ware in IS is being managed by other person. I have found this definition of peopleware in Wiki. “Peopleware can refer to anything that has to do with the role of people in the development or use of computer software and hardware systems, including such issues as developer productivity, teamwork, group dynamics, the psychology of programming, project management, organizational factors, human interface design, and human-machine-interaction.”
With this definition we can say that peopleware refer to the “role of people” not the people itself in the development of systems. So people here are note being controlled but instead they just do their role in developing the hardware and software of the system. Therefore I believe the description Management Information Systems is just appropriate for the subject MIS 1.

I think that is all for this blog post. I hope I have answered all that Sir Gamboa had instructed. hehe Till my next post!

Plz visit my blog for the full version lol! of my reflection.. hEhe


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Chris Romarate

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PostSubject: Leanings and Reflection of First Day   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:12 am

On the first day of our meeting with Dr. Randy Gamboa, I felt quiet nervous for I don't know him yet. Some said, he is quiet terror but I can't easily judge him for I am a neophyte to the Institute of Computing in USeP-Obrero Campus and to his class.

We are new to USep-Obrero Campus for we are transferee to the said campus. Me and some of my classmates came from USeP-Tagum Campus and we transfer here in Davao City just to continue our BSIT program. During our first discussion in our Management Information System subject, I felt uncomfortable and uneasy for that was the first time I met my classmates and my professor in Management Information System subject here in Obrero. Even that was the first time we met, they were so comic and so nice to us. Some of our classmates exchanged smiles with us also.

When Dr. Randy Gamboa started to tackle Management Information System, he tried to define management, information and system. There, we learned that management has four related activities. These activities were the; planning, directing, organizing and controlling. Then, we define also what is management. Management implies someone who has the ability to manage (referring to the person that has the capable of acting independently). With that, I learned that managing is related to leading. So, not all of us will become leaders. Yes, a few can become a leaders. If all of us will become leaders, there will have no followers. Also, he discussed the components of Information Technology. He shared about what are softwares and hardwares. Then, he shared the components of Information System. After that, he asked us, "Is MIS a correct course description?". From there, another question was made on our young minds that we need to seek the best answer of it.

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Joseph Ethel Valdez

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PostSubject: Reflection/Learning   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:20 am

Our first day of class in Management Information System (MIS) was very fun and exciting. We start our class last June 23, 2009. I arrived at the class before 1:00pm because our professor in this subject is very strict in time. We know him because he was our Analytic Geometry and Probability and Statistics professor. He came into the class 15 minutes before the time. He always starts his class with a prayer and end with a prayer.

As we start our class in MIS Sir Gamboa thought to us the 4 keys (key activities) in Management. They are planning, directing, organizing, controlling. In an equation Information System can be equate into Hardware + Software + Peopleware. The symbol being use in the equation is addition. Since it is addition, it uses a commutative process. Commutative property is not dependent on order or giving the same result irrespective of the order in which two or more terms or quantities are placed. So, in the equation it can be any of the term will go first, if it is Software + Peopleware + Hardware or any of them will go first.

We ended our first day class in MIS with lots of assignment to do but it is the preparation for us to the outside world. God bless us all..

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Tanya Clarissa G. Amancio

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:21 am

"My Reaction"

[size=14]Good morning! Last June 18 2009 was a very breath-taking day for me because it was our first meeting in our subject MIS ( Management Information System) with our very handsome professor/ facilitator (ahem) .
Our facilitator Mr. Randy Gamboa, discussed about our subject description which is MIS. He told us about PDOC which is the four key activities of "Management" (Planning, Directing, Organizing, Controlling) and I + S= "Software and Hardware".I was enlightened when Sir Gamboa asked us about the meaning of "Management" which means the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives and can also refer to the person or people who perform the act of management. But since we don't want to be controlled and in order for us to accomplish a goal, we need to comprise an effort and "instructed / facilitated" by the facilitator not to be "managed".

That's all.. And the rest...i'm having fun knowing our new classmates especially students from USEP-Tagum Campus who perform in front of the class..

visit my blog tas comment daun.. Sleep Sleep Sleep
"my blog"

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shane sacramento

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:22 am

My Reflection and Learnings
.. lol! ..

G reat and fun! That’s how our first class in MIS has been. It was all smiles and laughers from the moment the class started until it ended. Even when I was already outside the class room, I still can’t stop grinning; I can’t stop thinking how our teacher interpreted his students’ reaction when he gives a bunch of assignments.

Anal. Geom. was my first subject under the supervision of Sir Randy Gamboa then, followed by Stats and now in MIS. I am expecting that I’ll be able to understand MIS as clearly as possible and I hope that learning every single thing about MIS would be a lot of fun than the last two subjects I have gone under Sir Gamboa.

Management Information System or MIS deals with managing/supervising hard ware, soft ware and people ware. It has four basic keys, which are planning, directing, organizing and controlling. Other than these things, I have also learned the differences between managing and supervising. I have learned that managing is actually controlling while supervising is just giving directions and guides.

Blog was required to us by our teacher. So, I was obliged to establish a blog of my own. Then, I realize blogging is fun. Blogging as a way of sharing views, opinions and even experiences does works for me.

Over all, it was a lot of fun, really. The way Sir Gamboa welcomed the transferees was warm, really warm, and warm as they were in a hot seat. Then I have concluded that students in Tagum Campus love to sing. That’s all, I guess…^_^

A subject that I expect to give me jaw-aches, due to constant smiling and laughing; backaches because of being in a sitting position for too long; headache for squeezing out every English word from my vocabulary and maybe even heartache at the end of the semester (..haha..no No way..not again Crying or Very sad !!!..haha)..^_^..

Good Day!!

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Sheila Capacillo

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PostSubject: 1st day reflection..^-^   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:37 am

Start of the new semester June 18, 2009 afternoon, 1:00-2:30 again we need to go to school(Engineering building room 505 ). For our first meeting in MIS 1 or Management Information System 1 under Dr. Randy S. Gamboa we really need to come to school early. Same as usual, he would come to school early, he will wait until it is time for him to start the class mad discuss with us. We start our class by a prayer lead by Ariel Serenado and it also ends with a prayer which lead by me. I think it helps a lot when we pray before and after class so that we will be guided in our discussions. We had a great time during our discussion, it was been a long time since we were handled by him and I think most of us misses his jokes. First he asked the USeP( Tagum campus) students and the late comers to stand in front so that they can introduce their self to us and to entertain us with their hidden talents. It was in the discussion time when he begins to ask our opinion about MIS 1 (Management Information System 1). We have learned the key activities in Management Information System 1 which he called P D O C or the Planning, Directing, Organizing and controlling, he said these activities are necessary in MIS. We dissect the the subject title, Management Information System 1, first the word Management he said that it pertains to the P D O C which are the Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the operation, Then the word Information which states about informing, lastly the word System which includes the orderly arrangement according to some common principles or rules, or a plan of doing something.

visit me...

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katherine eng lajom

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:38 am

Hello Sir,

I would like to apologize for not being around at the first meeting . Peace Sir, Wink . Hekhek.

I've heard we have a number of new classmates from Tagum and I am glad to hear they said about the first meeting.

"I could say that we had a great discussion that day even if we are just few in the class. Still, a lot of ideas have been shared." mjoyPequiro

See, I missed a lot that day, great discussions and ideas has been shared. Sayang! Neutral

But for sure, the class would not start without a prayer, and end with it too.. And because there were a lot of virgins, Sir Gamboa might have asked one of them to sing or dance... noh?

I wish to get along with my new classmates through this subject (MIS), to share and impart knowledge and concerns regarding the subject matter.

Cheers Cappuccino! drunken
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ailaine adaptar

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:40 am


Question I heard some definitions 'bout MIS from my higher-year-level classmates who had under gone the subject. But, one thing is for sure then, I poorly understand the subject concept. Question

Idea It was just during our first discussion of MIS that I, somehow, got an array of idea about it. Idea


Arrow Management Information System. Yes, Management, as stated in the class is planning, directing, organizing, and controlling something. Everyday, a man manages something consciously or unconsciously. But, one thing is stressed out, a man can never manage a man. Leading would be the right term.

Arrow On the other hand, IS refers to the Hardware (HW), Software (SW), and Peopleware (PW) sort of combinations.

Arrow An issue was thrown during our class- is MIS a right subject title? It’s regarding the “Management-Peopleware” issue. Some said it’s a “No.”, some said it’s a “Yes”. Well, I stand on a the latter.

Arrow The main reason for those who opposed is that you can never manage people (that’s what management means from the word itself). I do agree on that. But, let’s look it this way... Management does not only manage. As stated earlier, it also direct or lead. Viewing the concept with connotation would help us understand the issue further. It’s all on your understanding now.

PS: Some of these grounds are shallow..but this is what I got so far. PEACE ^_^

lol! www.gibitok-pitokpitok.blogspot.com lol!

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fatima paclibar

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:43 am

Honestly, I wasnt able to attend the first day of class in our subject Management Information System. I'm sorry for that, but I do believed that everyone should do the same especially us IT students, we should not alter the information hehehe.

I am a irregular 3rd year but my classmate Kate Mariel Dizon had re-echoed to us what she had learned about MIS, thanks to her I can still answer this assignment. Well, she said the there are four keys of what is management means whish are the PLANNING, DIRECTING, ORGANIZING, and CONTROLLING. Software and hardware anre the only things that can be controlled, and we the peopleware must not be controlled. for the reason that people have their own minds and abilities thus they must only be lead, motivated and supervised for them to reach their full potential as employee and to be more productive to their chosen fields.

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joverly gonzales

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:44 am

On the first day of class in MIS almost everything is new Surprised except for the teacher.
There are many things that I need to adjust. Like for example, all the updates in this subject are in Blog so we need to open our Blog time to time and blogging is new to me. (Yahoo groups lang man gud to amoa sauna...hehehe).
But I'm happy in this term, I learned something new! (hahaha.. Laughing )

And one thing that difficult for me is in every assignments or questions needs to explain in ONE THOUSAND WORDS! (patay! scratch ). But then again, I look on the positive side... (hahaha.. Laughing ).
I practice my English Grammar...(TOINKS!....)

When the class has not yet started, I am really confused what MIS means, what its all about and what are the topics to be discussed... But when Sir Gamboa explained it to the class, it gives me an overview what MIS is about.

Now I know that "You cannot manage a person, but you can lead them."
So for me, MIS is wrong, instead you can make it LIS (Lead Information System)..... (hahaha)

Exclamation study study
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Jezreel Jyl P. Hilado

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:48 am

Reflections on the First meeting on Management Information Systems

June 18, 2009 at around 12:50 noon our facilitator entered the room. Most of us were not surprised that Dr. Randy S. Gamboa will be our facilitator in Management Information Systems because according to our friends from higher years, he’ll be the one to handle the said subject. When the clock reached at exactly 1:00 in the afternoon he started his usual classroom routine which is the prayer. Since he had been our former teacher from the past subjects we had, it is in his rules that the class should start with an opening prayer. One of our classmates led the prayer and after that he called the first timers or the so called “virgins” from the class were asked to go in front and show us what they got Basketball. Most of my classmates who were asked to go in front came from USeP Tagum. Sir Gamboa asked them to give a brief description about themselves and show a little “patikim” with their talents. All of them were forced to sing because nobody wanted to dance (I guess they don’t want to look like “kengkoy” dancing in front without music..hahaha.lolx.Laughing). Later on, after he baptized the “virgins” he gave us the classroom’s rules and regulations. He also described himself as very strict on his students in terms of wearing the school uniform and in coming to school late or being absent (or else you’ll sing. No choice. hihi.. Razz ).
To be honest, I really felt nervous when Sir Gamboa started discussing and asking for our opinions and insights about the subject. Gosh! Even though we had this kind of discussions before, I still didn’t feel at ease because I absolutely think that this subject is really hard Crying or Very sad. And according to Sir Gamboa, he will be giving a lot of projects (weew! Pressure! pale). He gave us the meaning of Management which simply means in all business and human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish each ones desired goals. We also learned that management comprises Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling or PDOC for short. Cool
After the introduction of the said subject, he gave us a lot of assignments because he won’t be meeting us for about one or more weeks and he’ll definitely be back on June 07 (busy ang career ni sir. bounce ) and we were tasked to register in the forums and create our blog account in order for us to post the assignments and other discussions on the said subject. He also asked me to create a yahoogroups on two subjects he handles (pressure again! pale )
weew! (AJA!..Wink )
GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS sa atong tanan! cheers

Chill lang sir huh? C-H-I-L-L.. afro

I love you I love you I love you

visit my blog Arrow http://fujiwarayumi.blogspot.com/

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sharlyn joy pines

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PostSubject: REFLECTION/Leatnings   Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:01 am

My regret was that I wasn’t able to attend the first meeting with our professor Randy S. Gamboa for the MIS class. That was Thursday, June 18, 2009. I was sick that time (not very sick) but was very confident that there was no classes (again) like the past few days where I came to school early than my schedule. If only I knew that our professor for that subject was Mr. Gamboa, I would probably jump out of my bed and went to school though I’m not feeling well. I was very much aware that being absent either late must be a big, big, and big NEVER!!! Unfortunately and honestly, I wasn’t informed very well. Poor me!!! I was just surprised when my classmates asked me why I wasn’t around during the first day discussion knowing that were much afraid to miss the class with Mr. Gamboa. Well, it was too late to mourn and rather to blame myself for what I’ve missed. That’s why all I can do to cope up is seek information on what was happened in that span of hours.

As its usual manner, it was started with a prayer. And since there were new faces coming from USEP-Tagum, there was a short self-introduction. Then the formality of discussions followed.My Gosh! I was horrified to know that were going to make a blog site and have to post three assignments to be checked sooner. I can hear the loud beat of my heart especially when I started to ask what would be the topic to be posted. Nosebleed!!! Added to my horrible feelings was the excitement for the incoming company visits. I thought if how would it be like? Will my confidence boast out when we are going to conduct the Information System Needs Assessment? Will I make it individually? Oh! How I wished it will be a group work. More heads are better than one, hehehe…

I find it really hard to understand their explanations (am referring to my classmates) when I asked them to give me important details that could help me so that I could have something to post for my blog. Though I can’t expect too much detailed stories from them, I still tried to find other ways for me to be able to write something for this reflection. I have read the forums, and through the stories told there, I have given the ideas on what was happened on that meeting and how the discussions were going on.

The course description “Management Information System” was mainly the topic. This three-word course title has been examined. Like what is M.I.S? The class was then asked to define “management” and many students have shared their answers. Mr. Gamboa on the other hand said that management implies that someone or something needs to be managed; he/she or it is not capable of being independent (from Gador). Management comprises planning, organizing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal (wikepedia). Mr. Gamboa then asked the class in situation, if we were an employee, would we like to be controlled? Mostly answered YES, at least at first. But the realization came that people cannot be controlled because we have our different characteristics and attitudes, we have our own and unique moods. We are not robotics to be controlled. We are not machines but human who have life, who breathe and who thinks. Well, I was then caught in a deep thought when I knew how interesting the topic was. I remembered during the last summer, when one of our instructor said that it should not be called as “manager” since we can never really managed people but rather we can just “supervised” them. It hit me. Does it mean that supposedly, there would be no such word as “manager” (when refer to a company) but “supervisor” can be? We, people don’t need to be controlled. We don’t stick to what others just said. We were capable to think and decide what would be better. We were capable to lead. Yes, we must be led rather than directed. Mr. Gamboa agrees to that single statement. That is why it was concluded that the right term should be “lead”. Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen (wikepedia). Thus, it also deals with people. As RSG said that leadership and management are two different words (from Soriano) but both handles people. Leadership is one of the most salient aspects of the organizational context. It only differs on how would these two words attained its goals and objectives. On the other hand, generally speaking, the concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, and representation (wikipedia). And lastly, in a general sense, the term information system refers to a system of people, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organization, and it includes the organization's manual and automated processes. In a narrow sense, the term information system (or computer-based information system) refers to the specific application software that is used to store data records in a computer system and automates some of the information-processing activities of the organization.

Is Management Information System is the appropriate description for this course? It stunned me. Isn’t it the appropriate one? I was puzzled. As to my stand for the appropriation of the MIS description, yes! Since management information system (MIS) defines as a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization.[1] Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems (wikipedia). It wasn’t affected by the separate meaning of each term. Because as it stated above, it is a subset of the overall internal controls of business. It follows that this MIS is just a term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives on an organization.

Finally, the discussions get lightly. And before I forgot, I wasn’t surprised the good news that Mr. Gamboa is now the National President in IT Educators in the Philippines because I do really believe that he would be one of the biggest names and it really happened. USEPians, we must be PROUD!!!
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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   

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REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)
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