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 REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)

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PostSubject: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:19 am

First day reflections/Learnings please ...
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Marren Pequiro

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Sat Jun 20, 2009 9:35 pm

To start, we just had our first meeting for our subject MIS1 last Thursday under Sir RSG. I really woke up very early in order not to be late in class. Knowing Sir RSG, being late in class is a minus points for him.

I could say that we had a great discussion that day even if we are just few in the class. Still, a lot of ideas have been shared.
The first thing he asked is all about the subject MIS. What is Management? someone answered; "facilitating, supervising and managing." That's right, management is all about managing your time, work or anything that you should manage in order to do efficient work.

But let me give you a definition that we just learned that day. Management implies that someone has to be managed which means that he can inherit functions and capabilities to work independently. However, we people don't want to be controlled right? So, if we speak about MIS; we will only manage the software and hardware but never the people ware. Thus, we should be guided or lead by our leaders in order to work independently.

Also, we have learned the 4 key activities in Management if I'm not mistaken, it is PDOC or the Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling.

With these discussions, I hope this would be a good start for our future activities ahead of us!

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PostSubject: FIRST DAY WE MET...   Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:49 pm

I've seen...
how small the number of students in the new section..(I was a 'transferee' from the other schedule. I was wondering what and how it would like to be in the class discussions in the future when reporting will begin...and the groupings during the company visiting, will there still be groupings?hehe)

I've been refreshed...
by the POWER of the holder of the information. (I was contemplating how lucky (or not) I am that I enrolled this course because in the future I'll be one of those who will either make or unmake a company..just like what we discussed last year in the HRM class' first report-instructor's input (I have taken note of everything..) we, the techie guys, should be the most trusted people (and the highest paid!) next to the CEO!)

I've been reminded...
of the fact that I belong to the intellectual giants of the university...that I should live by that name..and I, despite of my being a techie guy/gal, should not be an emotional dwarf (hi-tech? >> hi-touch!)

I've learned...
of some of the flaws (again), of the institution where I belong, in terms of IT/IS..tsk

I've been introduced...
to the major terms where the subject revolves...management and information system...and the 'control' issue as one of the functions of management. (And to leave the thought, our professor gave an assignment to be posted in our blogs..(-_-) well?)

And of course, I've been oriented...
that we will be getting our 99% learnings not from the classroom but from the industry to have a better perspective of the reality concerning the subject...(that open arguments are allowed inside the classroom during discussions...that we should share our experiences and reflections from the outside to others and to our blogs...and should bear in mind to update my blog!) whew...
lol! lol! visit my blog http://www.charmainespeaksup.blogspot.com
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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:21 pm


hmmm... what did i learn from our first meeting was nerve cracking! nerve cracking in a sense that it was our first time here in USEP obrero and being a transferee scares us a lot on what we will find out in our nosebleed subjects, new classmates and terrorific professors! hehe..

it was a enjoyable yet scary class with Dr. Gamboa. He really likes oral recitation. He wants active participation from his class. in that sense, it scares me most but as the discussion keeps going, I found out that with the oral participation we can deeply understand what Dr. Gamboa wants to convey. I found out that management is a term that implies to someone or somebody needs to be manage. Managerial work has functional descriptions such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling. It is us who manage our own time and decisions. God doesn't manage us but he guides us. We also learned that IS (Information System) components are hardware plus software plus peopleware.

Management Information System in my own notion denotes human management in a work zone particularly managing a work force. As a manager, he is entask to take control of everything. Hardware as it's aid of data handler and gathering tools and software as the processor of the important data.

Dr. Gamboa give us a lot of post assignments. From that day, it thought me of a wonderful lesson. Time is gold. Make most of your time doing important things like studying your lessons, do advance research and read a lot. I guess i have to change my study habits so that i can adjust with the new environment that hopefully i will belong. IC in USEP according to many usepians are called "endangered species" ..hehe.. Endangered in a sense that it is survival of the fittest and the brave! Laughing it also made me happy to know that i am belong to this endangered species! with God's help sana mkagraduate nga ako! cheers

and because of this subject i will be totally entouched to WEBSPACE! hehe.. have to connect to internet all the time..
i also found out the we USEPIANs are born leaders and managers! we're capable of everything especially the IC students!
that with positive attitudes, our future career are brighter than the stars! lol! king

GODSPEED! i know.. we know that with God's help we can make it to the top!

visit my blog for my complete info our subject MIS ---- http://kjdelatorre.blogspot.com/
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Roy Cuevas

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PostSubject: First MIS Meeting   Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:05 pm

We had our first meeting with Sir Gamboa for our MIS class on Thursday, June 18, 2009.
Well, Sir Gamboa talked about many things. The definition of MIS(Management Information System), leadership, jobs, and many more.

I really look forward to discussions like that, because the discussion we had talked about real-life issues and important facts. Good thing I didn't get late in class. Hahaha. If I did, I would've sang Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas. Sayang lang kay walay nanganta sa klase, naa untay kahit sandaling ice-breaker,hehehe...

Well, goodbye na. See you all on my next post...
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AlyssaRae Soriano

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:26 am

TOPIC: Discuss first day reflections/learnings.

First day was not a tough day.hehe. Very Happy The thing that caught RSG's attention was the number of students occupying the room. There were 16 students I guess. hehe. Smile Im a transferee though.hehe..

I can recall the 4 keys (key activities) in Management. PLANNING. DIRECTING. ORGANIZING. CONTROLLING. RSG asked us if we were an employee, would we like it if we were controlled? At first, we answered YES, we would like it. Reasons were for us to know what we should do, what works must be done, and to work efficiently one has to be managed in order to be organized. In short, if we were employees, we would want to have a MANAGER. Then, RSG asked me to danced. I laughed. Why would I do that? Then he said,you want to be managed,right? So you wanna be controlled. If RSG is the manager, and Im his employee and if he wants me to dance, I should. Just as simple sa that.

Then we realized, as an employee, we dont wanna be controlled but we need to be managed. We were puzzled then. One of my classmates said, WE MUST BE LED. RSG said yeah, that's right. So the right term was LEAD. Meaning there must be a leader not a dictator. RSG said that Leadership and Management are two different words. Both handle people but the two have their different missions. A manager directs, controls and dictates. While a Leader guides, has a mission and vision to stand to. Then we realized that rsg was right. We dont really wanna be managed but we must be led.

That's all I can recall as far as my memory is concerned.hehe. Smile 'till next blogging time! Very Happy
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felix a. sumalinog jr.

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:36 pm

My First Day Reflections/Learnings

My frst day reflections/learnings in MIS was the same with the HRM subject that I took last last year under Prof. Randy S. Gamboa. It was exciting and nervous because again it is under Sir Gamboa, The Main Man. I learned the prelude of MIS(Management Information System) and the definition of this subject. The LMIS term was introduced which is Sir Gamboa's own interpretation of MIS. I also learned the PDOC (Plan, Direct, Organize, and Control) term in Management Information System.

Again, this subject will be tiring because we have to look for companies that has MIS but this will be a new, fun, learning experience.♠♣♥♦

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Franz Cie B. Suico

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:27 pm

The First day in MIS class was new to me because it's my first time under Sir Randy's supervision. But everything went good. Even though I'm nervous still it end up pretty fine. We discussed about Management Information System, what is the definition of MIS(Management Information System). We also discussed about Planning, Directing, Organizing, and Controling or PDOC in short which is the main definition of Management. Sir Randy also give us an assignment about the different Leadership Roles, and what is the difference between LMIS(Leadership Management Information System) and MIS.

Again, it's just our first class, we still have many things to discuss and learn, so this is not yet goodbye, but until next time. See you again guys in the next posts.
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Anthony Rigor Aguilar

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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:04 pm

Well all I can say the first meeting was fun. The subject sounds interesting because it is another way to go to be a proud IT professional. It is exciting because I don't have any idea about the subject or should I say what the subject is all about. Another thing is the teacher, I'm quite nervous to him because this is my first time on his subject. God bless us all:-)
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rosemie nunez

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PostSubject: REFLECTIONS AND LEARNINGS....   Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:42 pm

First day reflection/learning:
Smile Very Happy Smile
Our first day was fun. I can still remember that I was smiling from the start till the end of the class.

MIS as in Management Information System, that three words was our topic in our first day. During the lecture proper it made me think if it is right to be manage by someone or not. At first my answer was yes, but it made me think again because if that's the case I also want to be control by someone, because under the management was planning, leading, organizing and controlling. A bit confusing right? As our discussion go on, i learn that the right term was not control but the word 'guide'. In dealing with people we guide not control. Guide to function or to operate well, we don't control people because nobody want to be control by someone.

Our fist day was great, I learned new things I'm excited to blog, visit to our company and share our experiences. God bless us all.. Smile

visit my blog at www.rosemienp.blogspot.com
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Jan Neil Enanoria Gador

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PostSubject: First Day!   Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:42 pm

Well, the first day turned out fun (as always). Sir Randy always has that attitude to make you smile even if hes not up to it. I didn't know that my other classmates would attend the 10:00 - 11:30 schedule instead of the 1:00 - 2:30 schedule. So I didn't have any choice but to attend the original schedule. At the start of the class I knew it would be fun not just because of the learning but also the bloopers and the sing and dance numbers of the late comers (and the virgins as well.) First, we tackled what is M.I.S which our current subject. Sir Randy then asked us to define what is management, many answers was given by our classmates. He then said that management implies that someone or something needs to be managed, he/she or it is not capable of being independent. Management involves planning, directing, organizing and controlling. But he also stressed that people can not be managed properly because of the reason that we have feelings and we are not robots. One concrete example he gave to us was, if a parent tries suppress his/her child's emotions or feelings, the tendency is that his/her child would go against him/her. He then said that only things, processes, procedures, etc. can be managed, people are not managed but led, thus leading us to the next question "What is I.S?" I.S is the combination of IT (Information Technology) and People Ware. After defining M.I.S, he then strike a followup question "Why is it called M.I.S? Who manages the people ware?"

When I was enrolled in H.R.M, I heard some of my classmates (who were also enrolled in M.I.S) arguing about something. It turned out that they were arguing about their subject which was M.I.S so I listened. They said that M.I.S should not be the subject name instead it should be L.M.I.S which is defined as Leadership Management Information System. The equation of M.I.S is 'Hardware + Software + People ware', if people could not be managed properly why was it called Management Information System? Then recently I heard from one my classmates that it was called M.I.S because "Walay subject na ing-ana ingon ang CHED."

In my own opinion it was called M.I.S because the word 'management' in the subject name did not literally mean managing or controlling the people. M.I.S systems provide many advantages in an organization. These information technology tools can assist executes and the general workforce in performing their tasks. These systems are useful in data processing, strategy support and production of reports which can be effectively used in decision making. So M.I.S does not directly mean managing the people ware instead it gives people important, factual and usual information which could help them performing their tasks. Well that is my opinion (whats yours?)

Overall, I enjoyed the first day of our class. I hope and certainly do expect that there would be a lot of these in the next meetings to come. Before I end this, I would like to apologize to Sir Randy for not being updated on your current position in your organization. Honestly, last time I heard Sir Randy was the president of the IT educators in Mindanao. It was only at that moment I realized that Sir Randy was already the president of the IT educators in the Philippines (sorry sir) -End

Please do visit my blog. http://musikero-mus.blogspot.com
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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:35 pm

Hi! guys... by the way I\'m Basith J. Jumat ... HMmm!! well, When I heard that sir Gamboa was our facilitator in this subject.. I\'m worry for what will gonna happen in this subject, because this is my first time that under sir Gamboa supervision.. Somebody told me that when he was a staff of UIC, the student called him \"THE TERMINNATOR\", but the first day of the class was enlighten my mind for our facilitator. He is the man that with a full of joy and happines.. PEACE Sir!!!! hehehe!!! MIS? is it the right course description? hmmm! as what sir gamboa discussed us about the management which follow PDOC(Planning,Directing,Organizing,Controlling).. I appreciate it so much because i got a knowledge on how to manage problem,phenomenon. I also got an idea on how to properly manage my self.. WOW!!!! its amazing i dont expect that this subject will manage my self to... hehehe!! Its really cool ryt.. What is IT? hmm! first,I understand IT, stands for Information Technology.. but during the first day of class,i learned IT has a formula which is HARDWARE+SOFWARE=IT.. hahaha!! Wow! now i know what really IT is.. hehhe!! and i also learned what system is.. So MIS, is it a right course description?For me No it May be LIS.., because the people are the one who manage the software and the hardware so that it will function well.. We people dont want to manage by others.. only a computer can be manage in this subject not the people ware... hehehe!! tnx... I hope that i will enjoy this subject.. Im looking forward for it.. GOd Bless Guys!!!!

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neil rey c. niere

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PostSubject: Reflections/learnings...   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:46 pm

..First day of class..

Problem, I'm not ready with my uniform,WET...., after some minutes i went to school and nervous to meet sir Randy again, chill sir..Class started and everyone is silent, at first, then suddenly sir Randy started to state or deliver introduction about his subject handled. He points out student to stand and give some meaning and what they learned in the question given on them. We learned many things about the first day, example of this is the 4 key activities in management, Planning, Directing, Organizing and Controlling.

That were the things that my mind remembered, see you all for the next class..

Visit my blog site guys.. $lol! http://neilreyniere.blogspot.com

afro let's do I.T.!!!
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vanessa may caneda

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PostSubject: Reflection..   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:58 pm

First day of class with Sir Randy will always be fun. No dull moments afterall.. hehe! lol!

Learning MIS will gives us much information that will help us in our future acts. Will soon to be the captain of our own ship. We'll soon manage our own company and with that MIS will take place. Management involves planning,directing,organizing and controlling. In relation with a certain company, the employees must'nt controlled but then led or guided by the manager since people are not robots.

Most of the time we will explore the outside world. Lots of company visit and an interview with a management personnel. We'll be having fun at the same time we'll learn something. bounce
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jerald jean pullos

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PostSubject: 1st day reflection/ learnings   Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:59 pm

First day of class a very nervous as we enter the classroom since we are late I think we have given the sanction that is introducing yourself to your classmates and giving them ice breaker by singing.
But I was wrong, because that activity is usually done by the new students under the supervision of Sir Randy S. Gamboa.
Before we start our lecture Sir Gamboa also introduced his self and starts our subject orientation.
Since our subject description is Management Information System, he first gives brief definition of management and later the Information system.
He also differentiates management from leadership. And he says that he prefer to call his self a facilitator rather than manager cause according to him managers control everything.
I’ve learned something new about the information system that it is composed of 3 components these are the Hardware, Software and the people ware.
As we go on lecture, Sir Gamboa suddenly ask us if our subject description is right. And then other assignments are also given.
Since I am a transferee from USEP-Tagum campus, at the end of the day, I realized that the Tagum Campus is really different from the Obrero Campus.
i am looking forward that i would be able to pass this subject together with my classmates.
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Marlie E. Sisneros

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PostSubject: fist day of class!   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:22 am

Mah Reflections about the First day of the class..

um...Hi ThERE!
Im Chill'n- that's what i felt last week when i had my first encounter with Our
Teacher in MIS(Management Information System) Sir Doctor Gamboa.
I sense a very Very strict professor in my nose..oh! It's bleeding..hheheh
nakakagulat kasi siya,as what i have expected! ibang iba talaga ang STandard ng BSIT -USEP davao...
I admit,i was culture shocked..hahaha! Perhaps kami lahat ng mga taga tagum.
Siguro nga masyado maluwag at di xado pressure sa USEP-tagum,
But above all that I don't have the right to compare becausein fact we are the first batch and the pioneers in Information techonology students in Tagum campus.
Im expecting too much on this institution..much more in MIS class..

hohohohoooooooo... SCARY!
When Sir Gamboa spoke up in the class i felt cold, why?
because i had never encountered such person as he is..
ho look so smart and Full of Confidence! no wonder, isa xa sa mga kinatatkutang Prof. sa Kasaysayan ng history (aw@! redunduncy!) ng UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES..

sorry ha.. I have to Taglish mah Language!
lisod kaya!??
aw, naay bisaya gamay..!
Sige back to MIS subject, actually i find the subject very interesting
as well as its handler..
MIS is a collaboration and association of management,Information technology and Information System. As what
i had heared and learned Management is the act of Planning, Directing,Organizing and Contolling or simply,PDOC
MIS also is the Association of Hardware, Software and Peopleware.
and many moore!

-O! i was astonished of all the Assignments,Projects and What/whichever
that Sir GAmboa gave! i'd never come across such HEctics!
definitely, NO! SLOTH ALLOWED!!!!!
heheheh! mag abtik jud dapat! dili magpaluyaluya!

Eventually i have toDO IT! or else i will not pass MIS!
or even graduate in tertiary..The SAd part is..
i have to do it!

heheheh! kahit walang sariling computer..
But It's not an xcuse anyway..As long as I have GOD..
As long as I have JESUS
i just have to........................................
Believe in HIM,have Faith in HIM, Work with HIM!


SEE? what Sir. Gamboa said, conveyed Much in mah FAITH in HIM!

Posted by Marlie E. Sisneros at 5:08 AM 0 comments
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PostSubject: Reflection/Learning:   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:26 am

During the first day of the class i can't imagine that our teacher (Sir Gamboa) will come earlier as i expected. When we reached in our room i felt so nervous or shall i say i felt mixed emotions, gosh!!!!!

Sir said, we must introduce first ourselves unto them because we were transferee's from USeP-Tagum Campus. When it's my turn to introduce myself I felt also nervous and there was a portion there that we must have talents. You know what i did?, well, I'll just sing for them, entitled "waiting for your love", honestly that's my favorite song but because of my nervousness i forgot the lyrics, yaks... so ashamed....ewww!!!!!!

But during the lesson proper, i did not expect what would be the attitude of our teacher. I just make "sabay sa agos, bahalag ulaw antoson jud". We discussed about our course description Management Information System I, also we discussed about the discipline in Information Technology(IT) and Information System(IS) and about its components. I learned many things from my first day of class. Even though there were so many hindrances occur, like adjusting into my new classmates, with my new teacher and the new campus. Honestly, I have a difficulty on it but I tried to be strong just for my own good.

For the other assignment involved just visit my site http://juvilyn-juvilyn.blogspot.com/

God bless and more power.............
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Jevelyn Labor

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PostSubject: REFLECTIONS/Learnings   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:30 am

Olah!! cheers My first day in Dr. Gamboa’s class? Quite traumatic, I guess affraid . It’s because, most of us (transferees) from Tagum Campus were late. In behalf of my late classmates I would like to apologize for our inconsiderate behavior. We’re so sorry pale . I suppose it would bear a bad impression unto us. Tsk tsk. Just right after we enter the room, each of us has to introduce ourselves to our new classmates and we have to sing some lines of a song. It’s shameful but I have no choice but to do it coz I’m late for 10 minutes. I don’t really have any clue on what’s the real deal concerning MIS until I entered the room. Dr. Gamboa started asking about “Management” and discussed its meaning namely PDOC (planning, directing, organizing, controlling). Also for the Information System components which were hardware, software and people ware. Putting in the meaning of the MIS, it would be “planning, directing, organizing and controlling hardware, software and people ware. But is it proper to plan, direct, organize and control people? It’s not that appropriate since people naturally survive with emotions. They refuse to be controlled over someone.
Talking about leadership, according to Dr. Gamboa it’s about “guidance”. Would I choose to be managed or lead? Of course, I would rather be lead than to be managed because I believe that leading such person is just the person’s decision to be influenced by the leader. The last question that still confuses me scratch is about the validity of our subject description. Maybe it’s appropriate because it has been the subject description for the past few years so who would think that it would be unsuitable? Maybe it’s not appropriate coz you can’t manage people. What I realize about MIS is “the system is the thing that is actually managed and the people around that system are the ones who are to be lead.

♥im prone to mistkes:and willing to learn from it♥
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Jethro Alburo Querubin

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PostSubject: Reflections/Learnings   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:32 am

Our first day of class was great! It was started with fun by the "virgins" (First years who haven't been under sir Gamboa's class ever since, and the tagum students) and a great knowledge of Sir Randy Gamboa about, management, information and leadership. He differentiate management between leadership, that anyone could be a manager but not everyone can lead. I was also refreshed with my previous subject, hrm, because it's somewhat related to this. It doesn't only deals with hardware, software, programs and systems but also with Peopleware. One of the most important factor of IS/IT. I learned much during our first day of class. One of it is the 4 points of management, the PDOC(Plann, Direct, Organize and Control).

In Response to "What is MIS"?

Management in all business and human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver. When information is entered into and stored in a computer, it is generally referred to as data. After processing (such as formatting and printing), output data can again be perceived as information.

System is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose.

So, if we put it up together, management information system (MIS) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization.[1] Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems.

Or simply the organization of Information System and Information Techonology.

Therefore, i would stand on my ground that MIS is the description for the subject because in one way or another, we could manage people in order to get them in order.

reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_information_systems

pls visit my blog: http://www.orthej.blogspot.com
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John Paul Pulido

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PostSubject: Refflection   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:43 am

Our first meeting was very fun because we have met new faces and classmates. And every time their is a virgin (first time to be handled by Mr. Gamboa), they share to the class their hidden talents, and RSG always cut their momentum (hehehe) and the class will all laugh.

We discussed several things, like the rules and regulations of Sir Gamboa. He strictly imposes to wear our complete uniform (including the student's ID) anytime we are going to enter in his class.

He also told us about the PDOC (Planning, Directing, Organizing, and Controlling). The four key parts of Managing, he implies that we have to do these four things in order to be a good manager/leader someday (if we graduate javascript:emoticonp('lol!'))

He also told us that IS or Information System is equals Hardware plus Software plus Peopleware. The combination of the three is very important that plays a vital role in IT Community. We have to manage and merge the three wares in order for the IT Business to succeed.

Mr. Gamboa asked as if if the subject description, Management Information System is suited for the subject. For me, yes it is because it covers the things we need to in order to be a successful manager/leaders when the time comes that we have our own jobs.

RSG told us also to find companies, that we are going to study their system and write a research paper about it.

I'm a bit scared on how Mr. Gamboa acts because he is very unpredictable. I don't know what is the next thing to do. And no nobody knows what he is thinking (hehehe).

RSG always make me and my classmates smile and temporarily forget the problems and burdens we are facing that day (hehehe).

That's all... Jah Bless!!! Long live REGGAE!!!

visit my blog==>> http://polrrockz.blogspot.com
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carla comoda

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PostSubject: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:49 am

"First day meeting in MIS"

Good day!!! this april kaye Bigonte came from usep-tagum campus and i want to write my reflection regarding the course description which is Management Information System and also comment during the first day meeting of class under Sir Gamboa and i already expect that this subject will be very difficult especially when youre not listening what is being discussed and i felt nervous because it was new environment for me and also as my new classmate introduce about the rules of sir Gamboa i felt nervous and it was a challenge that we need to study hard and make all the assignments. She tells that Sir Gamboa is not only strict but very very strict. When you enter his class you should wear complete uniform and be on time because if your late there's a punishment, and guess what during the first meeting of class i came at school late and i was ashamed because at that moment i've violated the rules. First day discussion was very nice because it give us more information about the Management Information System that will develop our skills in organizing, planning, directing and controlling in managing a company and it is also providing some guidance and suddenly Sir Gamboa ask if our subject description is correct and i think it is correct because MIS intended for decisicion making which include in information system. One thing i've always remember about Sir Gamboa said during first day of discussion is that we should not only hi-tech but high- touch to GOD. Razz bounce Basketball

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Fritzielaine A. Barcena

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PostSubject: First Day High...   Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:52 am

oohyeah! Hello.. I am Fritzielaine A. BArcena from USeP Tagum Campus. 17 years old. My friends call me Priti/Pretty..

It was the first day of my Management Information System class not knowing what to expect. From my first step into the door frame of the class, I took a quick glanced at these unfamiliar faces. My instincts lead me to the back of the classroom next to a young lady who had a painted smile on her face. Unexpectedly, a man walked in projecting his voice with instructions facing the class. Without a doubt I know that was my professor. Following the instructions of Sir Gamboa, I meet a circle of new faces. To overcome the shy feeling, I introduced myself by stating my first name Fritzielaine. Since I am a transferee from USeP Tagum Campus, our professor told us to showcase our talents to the class. Without any hesitation (char!), I sang “You are my song”. To me MIS is a subject I need to pass in order to get my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and to pursuit my gold in life.
Sir Randy Gamboa introduced us about our subject Management Information System (MIS). I’ve learned about the 4 keys of Management: PLANNING. DIRECTING, ORGANIZING. CONTROLLING. By the help of this 4 keys, you can manage your work pretty well.

And even you have that 4 keys, without “HIGH TOUCH”, I/we can do nothing without HIM!!..c:

God Bless Everyone!

visit my blog :http://prettypriti-pretty.blogspot.com/

Laughing Smile
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PostSubject: sOmething sTrange...   Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:09 am

Shocked Shocked

gud DAY sir!,...

sorry coz, were not around when u try to meet us last meeting,...

medyo nadugay man gud kah sir,... ning aksyon nalang meg ULI,... ^^ xowe!..

...Im one of the new student came from Tagum-Mabini Campus, I\'m Rowell V. Pines 3rd year BSIT...

perti daw kalingaw nilah sir pag meet sa imo,,... mao na exite noun koh!,...ahm,.. the fact that im not around when you meet,.. i think i will just say, the things that my classmates were trying to tell meh... ^^


From the time that you stand and speak to us on the orientation, there is something strange of what the common or old students react at you. That makes my attention to go deeper as I\'m listening to you. I know that, your the best terror in the IC department on our school. So therefore, easy things wont even pinch you in marking grades Razz Razz

I just think that, this subject is really a tough one, for not only the subject itself but the professor as well. truly you are be, my prof. idol from now, for it may take most of my effort to past your subject!. I know we are born unique in this world, but i guess GOD put more uniqueness to you sir! Very Happy Very Happy And even for that reason, I think we also share one common things I life, and that is the \"will of never stop exploring\" which i found in you, from the time you introduce to us your achievements.
Smile Smile

The things, that I\'m preferred to explore more, might I will find in this futuristic, social mode of posting and submitting assignments in your site sir. And so, technology awareness of mine may growth into the fullest...

\"suBjeCt MattEr\"

MIS (Management Information System)

This subject for me, and as what I have read on the notes on my classmates about your last discussion...
is that, a description and collaboration on how Information System (IS) actually works in business matter though consumers as well as users. It is stated there that the theories behind the MIS is that, it actually came from the disciplines of IT which is equated to IT= SW HW , and wherein the term Information System (IS) is actually the product of combining IT peoples ware. And for the reason that MIS come up in terms MIS = IT IS peoples ware.

The thing this subject focuses on business applications dealing with technology, therefore it expands it\'s simplicity and broad its complexity, for us IT professionals someday,.. it is a must for us to understand more how communication works in different manners. The subject for me, enables us to explore more, on the reality of fast moving technology in this world. The past of clicking and checking Data is now a copy paste method. The old model of ribbon printers are upgraded into lasers and inkjets copier. And so, it is a big guilt to us, if we can go with the flow in this modern times, and through this subject, i think ambitions are a step hundreds far away towards to us...

Sir, i have nothing to add anymore, that\'s the furthest of my learning\'s as of now...so THANK YOU!..

We Take care! Promise!
cyclops cyclops


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Fritzielaine A. Barcena

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PostSubject: Management Information System   Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:56 am

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives on an organization.

The development and management of information technology tools assists executives and the general workforce in performing any tasks related to the processing of information. MIS and business systems are especially useful in the collation of business data and the production of reports to be used as tools for decision making.

MIS stands for Management Information System, which means exactly what says, it’s an Information System used by Management. Now, the definition of an Information System is a set of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. It also helps managers and workers analyze problems, visualize complex subjects, and create new products.
Information Systems plays a critical role in helping organizations act on their environment. For example, if something changes in the environment the Information System can act upon that change and let the organization know how to react and what they should do next.
In Conclusion, Information Systems is a major part of a Management Information System and MIS are a major part of an organization. MIS are the decision-making element that helps plan and decide where the organization wants to go in the future. Also you have learned that the success of an organization depends partly on how successful their Information System is.
Information Systems can make a huge impact on Management Decision-Making. These Systems can provide information about different aspects of the decision situation and the decision process. For example, they could tell what problems or opportunities can be trigger the decision process and which solutions could be alternatives and they can tell you how the decision was reached. These systems can also help managers stimulate innovation on existing decision procedures or explore different solution designs. There are different types of Information systems that managers could use in decision-making.
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Fritzielaine A. Barcena

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PostSubject: IT/IS Leadership Roles   Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:57 am

Understanding about IT/IS Leadership Roles. This includes the study of Henry Mintzberg.
Henry Mintzberg is known worldwide for his theories on business and management. One of his most popular theories is his roles for managers. These roles define behaviors and traits that certain managers possess. He identified ten different roles, separated into three categories. The categories he defined are interpersonal roles, information processing roles, and decision roles (“ProvenModels - Ten Managerial Roles”).
The first set of roles Mintzberg described is interpersonal roles. The first interpersonal role is a figurehead. A figurehead is a symbol of his company and performs social, inspirational, and ceremonial duties. The next role is a leader. A leader is one of the most important roles for managers. Leaders provide a proper work atmosphere and are able to motivate employees. The final interpersonal role is a liaison. A liaison is the center for information and communication networks, and maintains external contacts to gather information (“Mintzberg: The Managerial Roles”).
The next set of roles is called information processing roles. The first information processing role is a monitor. A monitor gathers external as well as internal information relevant to the organization. A disseminator brings external views to the workplace and transmits factual and value based information to subordinates. The final information processing role is a spokesperson. A spokesperson informs and lobbies for the company. He provides key stakeholders informed about performance.
The final set of roles is decision roles. Included is the entrepreneur role. This is someone who designs and initiates change in an organization. There is the disturbance handler, who deals with unexpected disturbances to the organization. Next is the resource allocator, who keeps track of resources and authorizes there use. The final role Mintzberg described is a negotiator. A negotiator participates in negotiations with people and outside organizations (“ProvenModels - Ten...
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PostSubject: Re: REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)   

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REFLECTIONS/Learnings (Due : June 23, 2009, before 01:00pm)
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