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 Research proposal

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Mary Grace E. Gabayeron


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PostSubject: Research proposal   Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:40 pm


When finals came, students use computers overnight just to finish whatever projects they have.Same picture as an employee working overtime just to finish the report on the desired time or before the deadline. Sometimes, they fell asleep in front the computer without turning it off. The computer is idle for hours. Naturally it consumes electricity. Because it is not used, it really wastes energy.

To hibernate is a feature found on most operating software. Windows XP and Windows Vista are among them wherein the computer is turned off and when you boot it, those unclosed programs before the computer was hibernated will remain opened. It was said that hibernation can reduce energy consumption on computers.

Regarding the scenario above, I have thought of a software that can automatically hibernates the computer when it or a computer program is not in use for a certain amount of time. With the use of automatic hibernation software, energy cannot be wasted. Automatic hibernation software may possibly work as follows:

  • When the PC is idle or when the computer cannot detect any changes on the program/s being used by the user for a certain amount of time, it will automatically hibernate or power down.

  • When the user boots the PC, he/she can still see those programs he/she used before the PC has turned off.

  • Unsaved files before hibernation can still be saved when the PC reboots provided that those files are being used and not been closed before hibernation.

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PostSubject: Re: Research proposal   Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:12 am

ikaw na man nag-ingon na halos tanan sa modern na OS naga support man ana na feature diba? ngano pa man ka mag buhat ug lahi na software para sa atong mga OS? kng wala naga support ang isa ka OS ana natively, highly improbable man ata kaayo mag buhat ug software para lng sa ana. kng gusto jud ka ana na feature, mas wapo man guro kng mangita ka ug naga support daan ana natively. naa ba sense ako gina-istorya?
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PostSubject: Re: Research proposal   Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:39 pm

is that an example of a research proposal or what?? Question Exclamation confused
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PostSubject: Re: Research proposal   

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Research proposal
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