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 Amora Jonel

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Jonel Amora


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PostSubject: Amora Jonel   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:59 am

Who among you here knows what Green software is?

"As everyone knows, IT includes many elements, such as hardware, software, systems, services, and staffs. Yet, when it comes to green IT, most of the focus has been on hardware. For example, one aspect of green IT is to cut power consumption. When you consider the power consumption of IT equipment, you measure power consumption by hardware devices, such as servers, even though hardware devices consist of both hardware and software. Most discussions have centered on how to make hardware devices more energy efficient. The well-known data center metric PUE (power usage effectiveness) primarily concerns hardware. The newer and supposedly better metric DCeP (data center energy productivity) still measures hardware performance alone, although software running on a hardware box may make a big difference in energy efficiency.

Hardware is a physical entity that you can see and touch. If you power it up, you can see it in action with pilot lights and screen display, and you can hear the clicking of the rotating disk(s). On the other hand, what about software? Can you see or touch it? Yes, you can take a look at the source code on a display or on paper. But that is a form that is easier for humans to understand and may not be the real software. Software is an electrical signal in the working IT device, telling hardware components what to do. This is why programming is so hard. What you see on the screen or on paper (the source code) is not the same as the dynamic electrical signal, which you cannot see, in action. I programmed a lot some years ago and know this firsthand. What you see in the static code is sometimes totally different from how the code behaves, and thus, it is very hard to debug it.
Software can be made more energy efficient."

I've read that article above and I guess it would be a nice research for me. Maybe it doesn't really include coding and all but the main objective of this research would be beneficial for us all. It will give us ways on how to do the so called "green programming", how to make our codes greener. Of course as It students we all the fundamentals in programming but do we know how to do green programming? Which programming techniques is greener? Which PL is greener? Which compiler is greener on this kind of software? etc...

Imagine if all programmers do green programming, we will maximized green computing not just on the hardware part but also in the software part.

Any suggestions?
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Amora Jonel
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