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 alcoriza,caguimbaga and montejo

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mariechelle alcoriza


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PostSubject: alcoriza,caguimbaga and montejo   Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:40 pm

nowadays,cellphones become one of our necessities. yet, there are some instances that these gadgets
causes DILEMMA -- that would affect the cycle of our ecosystem.

as we all know the gadget requires a specific range of electricity when the phone's battery is empty.
within this period (charging of the battery), there are cases that we tend to leave the battery of our phones for
how many hours without knowing if it is fully charged already or not. there are also instances like the overcharging of the phone would cause the battery to bloat and explode. furthermore, there would be a possibility that there will be a short circuit which would result into fire.

hence, this proposal has been prepared to address the specific core problem and to develop a MOBILE APPLICATION
to lessen the emission of carbon dioxide (due to the usage of energy).

the application has the following features:
-starts automatically as soon as the phone is charging
-provides an alarm system that would remind the owner that the battery is fully charged.
-it can send text messages to other people who will and who can remind the owner that the battery is fully charged and he/she has to unplug the charger.

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alcoriza,caguimbaga and montejo
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